Biocon-MAB-Media-Puffer Brep

Bioprocess System

Bioprocess Vessel Skids

Centralised CIP - Acid-Alkali Preparation

CIP Recirculation Skid

CIP System- 2 Tank

CIP System- Centralised

CIP System- Dosing Station

CIP System- For Lyophiliser

CIP System -OSD

CIP System- Plant Wide

CIP System- Plant Wide

Depth Filteration Skids

Distillation (WFI) Unit

Downstream Processing Equipment

Fermentation Suite - 50 L, 500 L , 5000 L , 50,000L

Fermentor Systems

Filter Housing

Filteration Skids

Formulation Vessels

Granulation Process Lines

Heat Exchanger

Manufacturing - Holding Tank Suite

Manufacturing & Holding Suite- Injectables

Manufacturing Suite-Injectables

Manufacturing Suite-Sterile Formulation

Manufacturing System-MDI

Manufacturing Vessel For Cytotoxic Product

Manufacturing Vessels- Injectables

Manufacturing Vessels- Media & Buffer

Manufacturing Vessels- Nasal

Manufacturing Vessels- Suspension

Manufacturing Vessels

Media Preparation Vessel

Mixing Vessel – Zone 1 System

Mixing Vessel

Mobile Manufacturing Vessels

Pressure Vessel

Protein Intermediate Holding Vessel


SIP System

Special Equipments

Sterile Formulation Integrated Suite- Micro Spheres

Sterile Formulations

Temperature Control Units

Top Mounted Agitator

Vaccine Bulk Manufacturing Vessels

Vaccine Emulsions Preparation System

Vaccine Filling System

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