Bio-Pharma Vaccine

Bio-pharma and vaccine industries require large investment in time and capital to effectively translate scientific discovery into novel and affordable therapies. With years of experience, VENTUS PROCESS has become a strategic driver in providing scalable and flexible bioprocess solutions of high quality.

Efficient Systems:

  • In-Situ Fermenters/ Bioreactors
  • Upstream bioprocess vessels for Media /Buffer preparation, Feed hold, Serum Vessels
  • Transfer sterile filtration skids with Integrity testing
  • Downstream processing – Harvest Vessels, Pooling Vessels, Buffer preparation, Purification Vessels
  • TFF/ Cross flow concentration Skids
  • Blending/ Formulations vessels
  • Product feed vessels for filling machine
  • Integrated suites
  • Virus inactivation systems
  • Bio-kill/ Decontamination systems – Continuous & Batch
  • CIP systems – Mobile/ Centralized
  • SIP systems – Integrated/ Standalone
  • Temperature control units (TCUs) Process Tanks VENTUS Process Systems designs and fabricates stainless steel process vessels to 3-A, USDA, cGMP, ASME (U&R), BPE, FDA, and API standards. Fabrication is completed in a 100% stainless steel hygienic and controlled environment to prevent cross contamination of materials. Process vessels are designed for optimal clean-in place capabilities. Various heat transfer options available. Custom agitation systems available.

Filter Housing Production VENTUS PROCESS produces sterile filter housing and integrated into our process equipment.

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