Chemical Industries


VENTUS PROCESS will ensure that every service it provides will be accepted in national and international markets and will meet customer expectations.

Accordingly, the motivation of the personnel will be improved, a quality standard higher than the customer expectations will be achieved and 100 % customer satisfaction will be provided by

  • Adopting and supporting the quality policy in all stages.
  • Forming the quality standards and procedures for all main units
  • Determining the quality targets and awarding personnel working according to the targets
  • Providing training in all levels – lead personnel to participate these trainings
  • Ensuring the involvement of all personnel in the quality management proccess and encouraging an improved team work.


All accidents can and should be prevented

Safety is most important business objective

Create a Safe work place

Establish Safe working practices

Ensure effective Safety training

Safety is all our employees responsibility

Every job can be done Safely



  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil and Gas Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing Plants
  • Food Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Wood Industry

Turn Key Projects

Pressure Vessel

Storage Tanks

Equipment of process


Heat Exchanger


Basket Filter

Mixers, blenders


Conveyors and elevators

Aboveground / underground fuel tanks in the field

Applications of Building for Industries


Special Manufacturing

Piping (Process lines, stem-hot oil line, heating piping etc.)

Pre-fabricated Piping Spool

Modular and pre-assembled Skid

Fire protection systems (Hydrant and Sprinks line)

Electrical / Instrumentation / Automation

Insulation / Painting