From design and fabrication to installation and start up by Ventus Process. CIP/SIP/WIP skids are designed to clean and/or sterilize eqipment in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and food & beverage industry production, guaranteeing compliance with the strict cleanliness re@irements of these sectors. We help our clients comply with current regulations and manufacture their products without any cross contamination, a key element in guaranteeing the quality of the final product.
Ventus Process Systems provides multiple CIP design options:
  • Single pass
  • Single use
  • Multi – tank reuse systems
  • Educator – assisted CIP return designs
  • Dual and simultaneous solution supp!y

Our CIP design criteria is based on present 3 A, USDA, cGMP, ASME (U&R), BPE, FDA and API standards. Process contrai can be achieved through existing PLCs, self supporting contrai systems or manual operations. Our Clean-in-Place (CIP) techonology offers significant advantages to manufactueing facilities including :

  • Improved operational hygiene and cleaning efficiency due to reproducible cleaning processes
  • Improved product Q.Ualiry, recovery and puriry due to enhanced plant hygiene
  • Reduced expenditure of time and personnel for manual!Y performing the cleaning tasks
  • Reduced pollution and production costs through the effective use and reuse of water, cleaning chemicals and boiler condensate
  • A safer, more consistent method of plant sanitation

Time-Time saving: Fast “in place” cleaning process. Safety: Prevents cross – contamination Automatic and repeatable: Fui!}’ automated process via certifiable software with consistent results from each cleaning cycle. Cost reduction: Low energy, water and detergent consumption. Mobile or fix:ed versions: VP Clean units can be designed to be static or mobile, according to the client’s needs. They are always designed to be as compact as possible to gain space and reduce weight.